Medellin Marathon

Medellín Marathon

Maratón Medellín 2020

This 2020 the twenty-sixth version of the Medellin Marathon is celebrated in Medellín, a race that has been an icon in the country, because for many years it was the only marathon that was held in Colombia.

On the first weekend of September, the city of eternal spring prepares to receive the party of the runners who dare to venture through the streets of Medellín. Its mountainous topography make this race a challenge for any runner, but the truth is a tour in which you can appreciate the city, its green landscapes, its buildings that show the history of its development and enjoy its spring weather.

The race is endorsed by the IAAF and it is qualifying for the Marathon of Bostón, whether you are encouraged to run any of the versions offered you are destined to keep coming every year for the atmosphere of joy and organization that is breathed in this sporting event .

Maratón Medellín 2020
Maratón Medellín 2020

10K and 5K

In this event there is also space for those who are starting and that for now is enough with 10K or 5K.

These distances also lend for families to go jogging together since 10K or 5K are spaces where all ages converge to practice family sports and thus have fun running through the streets of the city of Medellín.

As you can see, this is a great Swiss Experience where you can share with your family and we hope that this year many people will be encouraged and come to run this wonderful race in the city of flowers.

Do not forget to see our plans that we have for this family sharing space and thus live pleasant moments, remember to collect moments not things.

42,195 K

All distances leave from the Parque de las Luces or Cisneros what was once the city’s market square; a space where you find the EPM library, Carré and Vásquez building and the 300 structures that provide shade day and night.

This magical place lends itself to athletes doing their warm-up exercises before and after the race, since we always return to the same place.

The Medellín marathon involves several municipalities of the Medellín Metropolitan Area, as Envigado and Sabaneta join the party so that this mythical distance can be taken so that the runners can achieve their proposed times and meet the objectives.

21,097 K 

The Medellin half marathon is the distance with the most registered during the years that the race has been carried out. It is just like the full distance allows you to enjoy the city, the people that come to cheer, the architecture and the weather that make this race a party like no other.

This is the ideal challenge for those who are about to run a marathon or is that space where a complete marathon is prepared depending on the calendar of each runner.

In addition to being the space where people who love running converge.

Medellin Marathon